Band Bio

Fool's Getaway is a Rochester based band made up of experienced musicians that play music from many genres and decades striving to find music that will please everyone. They quite often find themselves saying "And now for something completely different", as they work through a set of music. From roots rock, country, R & B and pop, they love it all and find that there is always something for everyone in their sets. 

While Bob Kanzelman, Beth Kanzelman, and Jerry Spencer also love playing in the band Fred the Bear, they find that Fool's Getaway gives them the opportunity to expand their musical experience and make something special and as a result, they have booked shows all across Rochester, Dodge Center, Northfield, Lanesboro and Minneapolis including venues like Berne Wood-Fired Pizza Concert Series and Thursday's Downtown.

Member Bios

Bob Kanzelman (guitar, harmonica, vocals), originally from North Dakota, has lived in Rochester for over 30 years. He is an electrical engineer by day but really comes alive in his music. He plays drums in the band Fred the Bear so Fool's Getaway allows him to show his skills on the guitar. Bob has a unique talent in his vocals as there isn't a harmony he can't find.

Jerry Spencer (upright and electric bass, vocals) has been a resident of Rochester his whole life. He has been playing bass since he was young and it is easy to tell as his fingers fly across the fret board. His baselines are crucial to the Fool's Getaway sound and his melodic style brings a fun flare to the music.

Beth Kanzelman (keys, flute, vocals) was born and raised in Southeast Minnesota and although she moved away for a while, she is glad to be back. While she has a vocal performance degree from Hamline University, singing with Fool's Getaway has really allowed her to find her groove and her flute adds a whole new dimension to the group which is often requested by fans.